Welcome to our online store where our goal is to make the best quality products whilst maintaining the most affordable prices. We don’t waste money on pointless marketing projects, so we can make the most exciting performance products on the market without you breaking the bank. We have over 40 years experience in the Body Building and Sports Nutrition industry, and we sure put it to good use!!

We have a fantastic selection of products for you to get that physique you’ve always wanted, Such as Hydro force and Premium 90 which contain the highest quality Whey isolate protein around. In fact we are so convinced of the quality of WPI, that we put it in every protein based product we make.

So whether you’re a serious body builder with muscle on your mind or an athlete who wants to shave a few seconds off of your best time, we have the right product for you.

Some of the most exciting Body building and fitness athletes in the UK are now using our products. Not because we pay them to do so, but because they believe in the products and most importantly they Work!!

Patrick Nicholls – IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Champion
Tony ‘The Conqueror’ Conquest – UK Cruiser weight Pro Boxing Champion
Robin Simpson– Worlds Fittest Athlete.

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